H.B.E. Holsters

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Holster Type:

There are many types of holsters from which to choose. The choice made regarding the type of holsters you need is influenced by dress style, environment, level of concealment needed, personal preference and other criteria. Some of the more popular types of holsters are:

IWB: In the waistband, which are worn inside the pants
OWB: Outside the waistband, are worn outside the pants.
Pocket: Worn inside a pants or coat pocket
Ankle: Worn inside the pant leg around the ankle.
**Note: H.B.E. Specialty LeatherWorks makes every holster with the trigger guard enclosed as a safety precaution. A high degree of grip access is also designed into every holster made by H.B.E.. These are features that are "designed into" our gun leather without fail, with your safety in mind.


There are many different designs or styles of one type of holster. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of styles of holsters on the market today.

Once the type of holster has been chosen, getting the style right may be a considerable undertaking. This is where the "Custom" part of this website may assist you in deciding what features you may want in a holster. Most styles of holsters within a certain type use the various features to differentiate one style from another. Although one feature may serve a very specific purpose, it may be chosen strictly as a matter of preference, without its specific purpose in mind.

There are circumstances when a person may require assistance in choosing the correct features in a holster for their specific needs. If this is the case, H.B.E. does offer assistance. Simply, Email H.B.E. with your situation and we will do our best to assist you in choosing the best holster to serve you for years to come. We are here to be of service to you and your gun leather needs.