Pro Slim for Sar B6P Compact  RH/body shield/8 deg's cant/extra detail molding/color is cordovan!.  89$ shipped 

Dress Gun Belt for Sale

38" x 1-1/2" Black Dress gun belt  Bull hide for thinner/stiffer belt than cow.  Perfect for IWB/OWB carry...... 79$ shipped

Pro Slim in Black and Grey Marble Elephant.  4-4 1/4" 1911.  RH/body shield/molded cocked and personal carry leather.  179$ shipped to you.

Pro Slim for Sar B6P Compact Leather Gun Holster for Sale
DC Special for Sar B69 Compact Leather Gun Holster for Sale
Askins OWB for S&W PC Pro series 686 Leather Gun Holster for Sale

For Sale Page

DC Special for Sar B6P Compcat   RH/Spice color/body shield/18 deg's cant/extra cool stitching.  89$ shipped

The FOR SALE Page will show items already produced, ready to ship at a discounted price.  Some are new, some are prototypes, some will need to be dyed/clear coated.  They are usually well below 15-20% off regular pricing.  I always have more leather that will be on this page.  If you have questions about leather that is coming up contact me.  Eric

Askins OWB for S&W PC Pro series 686  RH/Black Cherry/vertical carry/1-1/2"  belt slots...79$ shipped

Com 4 for a CZ SP01/Shadow  RH/Black/18 deg's cant/banded mouth/1-1/2" snap loops  129$ shipped

Vampire Pro IWB  Lefty for a Ruger LCR  Black cherry/1-1/2" snap loops/etc  Killer holster design..pull thru snap retention.  139$ shipped

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