Pro Slim for Sar B6P Compact  RH/body shield/8 deg's cant/extra detail molding/color is cordovan!.  109$ shipped 

Askins Avenger w/Black elephant for FK Brno 7.5  RH/15 degs cant/antique brown/1 1/2" belt slots  199$ shipped

Single stack 1911 double mag holster.  Canted/RH/Bullets forward/1-1/2" belt slots.....49$ shipped

Pro Slim for Sar B6P Compact Leather Gun Holster for Sale

For Sale Page

The FOR SALE Page will show items already produced, ready to ship at a discounted price.  Some are new, some are prototypes, some will need to be dyed/clear coated.  They are usually well below 15-20% off regular pricing.  I always have more leather that will be on this page.  If you have questions about leather that is coming up contact me.  Eric

Pancake for FN 5.7 1st gen  RH, Black, 15 deg cant, body shield, 109$ shipped

Pro Slim w/ Ostrich Leg 5" 1911/RH/10 degs cant/body shield/molded cond 1. 149$ shipped

Vampire Pro IWB  Lefty for a Ruger LCR  Black cherry/1-1/2" snap loops/etc  Killer holster design..pull thru snap retention.  119$ shipped

Askins Avenger for Beretta 92 and clones RH, 8-10 degs cant, shark trim w Black cherry (some fading on bc), lined with cowhide, 1 1/2" slots.....beautiful shark grain.  109$ shipped

Classic Pancake for CZ75B SA  Black/RH/body shield/molded cocked and locked/1 1/2" belt slots/20 degs cant  109$ shipped

Pro Slim in Black Hippo for Sig 938/Kimber micro 9  RH/body shield/10 degs cant/one of a kind holster....perfect!  199$ shipped

Com 3 for CZ75 pcr/compact RH/Black/20 degs cant/body shield/1 1/2" snap loops...nice holster!!!  119$ shipped

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