Western Style Drop Holsters

Western Style Drop Holsters are a Custom Order only item.  Call me to discuss the details you want and for dummy gun availability.

Exotic Hides and Special Buckles can be used

to make these "your own" design...

(This pic isn't a link.  Contact me for info)

89$ shipped

Dress Gun Belts, Mag Holsters & Custom Work

Magazine Holsters and Mag/Light Combo's

Mag Holsters are made in many styles.

Mag/Light Combinations are also available.

Click on the pic for more pics and details.

Dress Gun Belts

Dress Gun Belts are 2 layers of cow/steer hide. 

Light and heavy weight belts are available. 

Exotic Belts are also available. 

Click on the pic for more pics and details.


Prices start at

159$ shipped

Prices start at

Prices start at

54$ shipped

This page shows pics of various styles of gunleather and gives a brief description of each style.

Click on the pics for more detailed pics and information on each item.

Price is per order.

Custom Leather Packages 


LEO's need custom stuff at times.  Detectives and Undercover Officers have the same needs as Concealed Carry Permit Holders.  These are custom orders.  Call me to discuss anything you want to. 

(This pic isn't a link.  Please contact for info)