-  up toNew Molds are acquired all of the time.  If you do not see your gun on this list, please just call me

to verify if I have access to the mold.  I do my best to keep this updated but life happens

*****New Micro Guns come out every week! So just call me to check availability!*****

Please note:  Guns that can be made with CTC and other lasers are noted in the list below

Guns with CTC Laser Crips usually take a standard holster, unless you have an older CTC grip

Please let me know what CTC Laser Grip you have and we can go from there.......

**** new >>>I have the CTC CRM 206 universal laser that I can mold on any gun with a rail.***

I now have the TLR6 lasers for most guns.......

I have most of the Armalaser T series Lasers....I can make most holsters for these lasers and their appointed guns.  To check just call me and Ill check things out for you.

*******I'm sorry but we DO NOT OFFER ANY LIGHT/LASER COMBO Leather Holsters*******


1911 all sizes 3-6" without rail, 3",3-1/2",  4", 4-1/4" & 5" with 1/2 rail.  Also full railed guns available. 

If you have a 1911 that's not on the list, please call me! 


Bersa Thunder .380, .380CC, (With and without laser) .40/9 Ultra Compact

Beretta 92 and clones, call for other Beretta models.

Browning Hi-Power and Clones,  old Browning 380 Pistol (with grip safety), Browning mini 1911 - 380 acp/22 lr in 3-5/8" and 4-1/4" 

Colt all 1911, 1903/1908 Hammerless / Colt Mustang, Govt. 380 & Plus 2 (and all clones) with round trigger guard  38 colt hammerless revolver break top

CZ 75 PreB (w/rnd. trigger gd),  CZ 75 B 9mm and 40 s&w, CZ 75 compact, CZ IPSC (race gun), CZ SP01 Std, Phantom and Shadow, CZ PCR/D compact, CZ PO1/06 Compact (and variants), CZ PO7, CZ 97B, CZ 100/110, CZ 82/83 32 acp, 380 and 9x18, CZ 2075 Rami , (CZ85 depending on the holster)*** New CZP10c***  Older models: CZ52 Tokarev & CZ27 32acp   

EAA Steel framed Witness/Compacts (with and without rail) and most CZ Clones (most guns call for specifics)  Some of the Competition Guns ( call for models)

FEG SMC/PMK .32, .380 & 9x18 (Walther Clones) , FEG pa63 9x18

Glock 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 36, 42, 43 ****** Same with the SF Models******

H&K Mark 23/Socom, USPC 9/40, USP 9/40/45, P2000 & SK, P30 & SK, VP9, H&K P7- M8, M13 and PSP

Kahr K, P, CW and E series, 9, 40 and 45, PM & MK 9/40, P380  (Some with CTC Laser)

KelTec P32, P3AT (1st and 2nd gen), P11, PF9

Kimber All 1911's, Solo and Micro 380, Micro 9, ***K6S snub nose revolver***

Makarov or PM (Bulgian, Russian, Chinese and E.German)

NAA Guardian 380 / 32 NAA,  Guardian 32 / 25 NAA , 22 Mag 1-1/8" revolver

Rock Island Arms 1911 All sizes and Configurations,  Baby Rock 380

Rohrbaugh R9

Ruger SP 101 2" and 3", GP 100 up to 4", LCR, LCP, LC9, LC9s & LC380, Ruger Mark 1& 2 up to 6" barrel
, SR9, SR9c and ***American**** (call for other models)

Sar Arms B6P Compact (EAA CZ Clone)

SeeCamp 32/380 pocket pistol

SIG Arms 230/232, 239, 228, 229& 229R, 220 & 220R (3.9" 220), 226 & 226R, 250C & SC, 238 & 938, 320C  Most if not all 1911's regardless of size, model....rail or no rail!

Skyy cpx 9mm

Smith & Wesson J frame 1 7/8" - 2 1/8 ", K frames up to 4", 1908 38 s&w break top revolver,  M&P 9/40 Fullsize, Compact and 5" pro*** Shield 9/40 & 45 acp ***(with or without ctc laser) / S&W 3rd gen 39 and 69 series, BodyGuard 380 M&P and original versions (with and without laser)  All 1911's...just call for sizes.

Sphinx:  All CZ Clones (older models) Call for newer Sphinx models (cannot do the 380)

Springfield XD-E 9/40 with hammer, SC XD 9/40 SC (mod 1 & 2), 4" Service models, XDS 3.3" and 4", XDM fullsize and 3.8" , All std and 1/2 railed 1911,  EMP & EMP 4"

Steyr M9, M40 & M357 A1

STI/SVI Std single stack 1911 all sizes, Tac, Edge and Range Master with full rail up to 5" with square trigger guard. 

Taurus:  call for more information.

Tristar TC100 (all other cz clones)

Walther P99 1st gen, PPK, PPK/S and FEG clones, PPS 9/40 (mod 1& 2), PPQ (mod 1 & 2) & *** CCP***

Webley top break revolver up to 5" barrel 

HBE Current Gun/Mold List