Dress Gun Belts are nice enough to wear in formal attire.  They are made from steer/cow hide in any combination.  I use steer/bullhide for the extra strength while being thinner than cowhide.  All belts are slit, glued, stitched, edged and dyed at the time of order.  I make them in different weights for all carry applications.  Light weight is great for IWB carry.  They come in 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" widths.  I dont cut them on a curve as it happens within a couple of weeks anyway.  Full exotics belts are available most of the time.  A light weight belt is well under 1/4" thick. 

You get your choice of solid Brass or Nickel Silver Buckles and hardware.  The Buckles are heavy to help take the weight and last a long time.

Tapered belts are available for an extra fee,  I cut the taper by hand so they are not perfect but still very close.

Gun Dress Belt Size Chart

****Read the chart below to measure a gun belt please!!!  Your actual waist size is approx. 10% larger than your "Pant size"  If you dont measure correctly, that's on you and I will not refund a belt that is too small for your waist.

NA Gator Belt and Mag Holster

                 Spring Clip                  Shark Pancake            Pocket w/Shark

I make 5 different types of Magazine Holster.  Each has its own purpose, strengths and weaknesses.

The "SS or single snap".  Its got a rear snap loop thats worn OWB. 

The "Front snap loop" that's an IWB style. 

The "Front spring clip" that's an IWB style. 

The Pocket Mag Holster is for deep concealment.  Usually ordered and carried with a pocket gun or Tuckable gun/holster.

The  Pancake Mag holster.  Pancakes can be made in a single/double or mag/light combo.  They can be canted, split v or vertical.  Some have body shields.  Most people use a standard pancake style but get what works for you and your needs.

How to tell when you need a new belt........

Gun belts are designed to do one thing! Provide torsional rigidity or limit the amount of rise your holster moves, vertically, during the draw process.  They also hold the gun close to the body and help with the weight.  Bonus points!

If you carry OWB and your current belt allows more than 1" of vertical rise during the draw sequence......time for a new belt!

Dress Gun Belts & Mag Holsters

     Pancake split v           Front snap loop             Shark trimmed "v"       Front spring clip            SS rear snap loop      Shark trimmed single      

Dress Gun Belts and Magazine Holsters for Sale

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