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As of the fall of 2016, After I use what I have in stock... I've decided to no longer offer Elephant as an exotic hide option.  Although the hides we get are imported legally and great care is taken to make sure they are from very old/ill animals.  I will no longer offer this hide as an option.  I have to much respect for the animals themselves.  If you do require Elephant hide on your gunleather?, I know many great makers I can refer you to.  I wont apologize for this as its a moral/personal decision.  If you don't like it or agree with it.....I respect that, but that's your deal! Not mine.

Eric Larsen/HBE 7/18/16

This page shows you some of your choices when it comes to the "Finish" of your gun leather.  This is not only the color of dye you choose, but the texture of the leather or an exotic accent.  Do you want it 2 tone?  Do you want a matching mag holster?  Can you get the holster dyed to match my favorite Shoes and Belt?  Just call me and we can talk....

*****PLEASE READ  Leather takes dye differently with each holster.  It may be lighter or darker, have a marbled look, have lighter or darker spots.  If you want perfection?  It may not happen and I will not guarantee it in any way!  If you order from me, please understand that I do my best with every holster that I hand make but I will not refund/remake a holster if the finish is not perfect.  99.99% of the time it turns out very well.  But you must be aware of the fact that it may not be perfect.  So, if you order from me, you accept the fact that it may not be.  Eric*****

06/01/17 Current colors are Black, Black Cherry, Cordovan, Mahogany, Oxblood and Honey Brown.

Distressing is only available after talking with me about what you will be getting. 


06/01/17 Exotics I have in stock are Shark, Hippo, Ostrich Leg, some Elephant and Croc/Gator

If you have an exotic in mind that I don't have, I can always get most any hide.  Beaver, Buffalo.....etc.

If you are curious about what I have in inventory?  Please just contact me and we can discuss it.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my site.  God bless, Eric :)

Color, Finish and Exotic Hide Options .

Gun belts in most colors.         Typical Black                Cordovan                       Black Cherry                    Honey

***These are just examples of colors of dye that I may have in stock.  Check below for an actual list of current dye colors****

        Shark Hide                 Elephant Hide                 Croc/Gator                     Hippo Hide                  Cape Buffalo

Leather Dye

Color Choices.

Finish Options

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