DC Tuckable for a S&W N frame snubby RH/Black Cherry/  99$Shipped

Pro TL for a railed 4" 1911  Cordovan with black shark trim  RH/18 degs cant 129$ shipped 

The FOR SALE Page will show items already produced, ready to ship at a discounted price.  Some are new, some are prototypes, some will need to be dyed/clear coated.  They are usually well below 15-20% off regular pricing.  I always have more leather that will be on this page.  If you have questions about leather that is coming up contact me.  Eric   Updated 1/2/2022

(Not correct pic but its close) Pro slim IWB for a SA 911-380 and all micro S/A trigger 380's  Rough out, black, RH with a body shield.  Molded cocked and locked....99$ shipped to you

Knife Pocket Sheath 4-1/2", Black, pocket clip, Lefty,      35$ Shipped

Pro Std for Glock 48 with optics, Black, 18 degs cant, Lefty, 2" clip.     99$ Shipped

Pro slim for a Sig P365/X cordovan, RH, nice holster  99$ Shipped

Clip Style Double Stack 9mm Mag Holster, Dark Cordovan, RH, 2" clip, Bullets Back,

69$ Shipped

HBE Specialty Leather Works - Custom Leather Gun Holsters

Double Stack 9mm SS OWB, Dark Cordovan, Black shark trim, RH, 2" loop, Bullets Back,         69$ Shipped.

For Sale Page

Pro Slim for a Berretta 332 Bobcat, Cordovan, 10 degs cant, RH, 2" clip,     99$ Shipped

(side note, color in photo is more purple than in real life)

Classic Pancake for a 4" 1911 Black 15 degs cant, RH, 1-1/2" belt loops.  99$ Shipped

Knife Pocket Sheath 6", Black, pocket clip, Lefty, 39$ Shipped