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Guns I make holsters for.......

​Updated 9/19

New Molds are acquired all of the time.  If you do not see your gun on this list, please just call me

to verify if I have access to the mold.  I do my best to keep this updated but life happens

*****New Micro Guns come out every week! So just call me to check availability!*****

Please note:  Guns that can be made with CTC and other lasers are noted in the list below

We no longer get support from STREAMLIGHT so we no longer offer any support for their products.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.. We do the best we can for all of your needs!!!!!!

Guns with CTC Laser Crips usually take a standard holster, unless you have an older CTC grip

Please let me know what CTC Laser Grip you have and we can go from there.......

​I have many CTC Laser molds in stock, If you have one...let me know what need!!!!!!

I now have the TLR6 lasers for most guns.......

I have most of the Armalaser T series Lasers....I can make most holsters for these lasers and their appointed guns.  To check just call me and Ill check things out for you.

*******I'm sorry but we DO NOT OFFER ANY LIGHT/LASER COMBO Leather Holsters*******


1911 all sizes 3-6" without rail, 3",3-1/2",  4", 4-1/4" & 5" with 1/2 rail.  Also full railed guns available. 

If you have a 1911 that's not on the list, please call me! 


Bersa Thunder .380, .380CC, (With and without laser) .40/9 Ultra Compact

Beretta 92 and clones, call for other Beretta models.  Wilson/Beretta Centurian models

Browning Hi-Power and Clones, old Browning 380 Pistol (with grip safety), Browning mini 1911 - 380 acp/22 lr in 3-5/8" and 4-1/4" 

Colt all 1911, 1903/1908 Hammerless / Colt Mustang, Govt. 380 & Plus 2 (and all clones) with round trigger guard, 38 colt hammerless break top revolver, Colt cobra snubby 2" n 3" (new model) & Colt SAA 45lc

Charter Arms Bulldog 44 2.5", and other charter arms products.. Please just call to see how we can help you.

CZ 75 PreB (w/rnd. trigger gd),  CZ 75 B 9mm and 40 s&w, CZ 75 compact, CZ IPSC (race gun), CZ SP01 Std, Phantom and Shadow, CZ PCR/D compact, CZ PO1/06 Compact (and variants), CZ PO7, CZ 97B, CZ 100/110, CZ 82/83 32 acp, 380 and 9x18, CZ 2075 Rami , (CZ85 depending on the holster)  New CZP10c, Shadow2 and CZ75b SA  (Older models: CZ52 Tokarev & CZ27 32acp​) 

EAA Steel framed Witness/Compacts ​(without rail) and most CZ Clones (most guns call for specifics)  Some of the Competition Guns ( call for models)

FEG SMC/PMK .32, .380 & 9x18 (Walther Clones)

FN 5.7 most models

Glock 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 42, 43, 43x and 48 ****** Same with the SF Models******

H&K Mark 23/Socom, USPC 9/40, USP 9/40/45, P2000 & SK, P30 & SK, VP9, H&K P7- M8, M13 and PSP

Kahr K, P, CW and E series, 9, 40 and 45, PM & MK 9/40, P380  (Some with CTC Laser)

KelTec P32, P3AT (1st and 2nd gen), P11, PF9

Kimber All 1911's, Solo,  Micro 380, Micro 9, ***K6S 2" & 3"  ***, Evo

Makarov or PM (Bulgian, Russian, Chinese and E.German

NAA Guardian 380 / 32 NAA,  Guardian 32 / 25 NAA , 22 Mag 1-1/8" revolver, Pug, Black Widow and Mini Master

Rock Island Arms 1911 All sizes and Configurations,  Baby Rock 380

Rohrbaugh R9

Ruger SP 101 2" and 3", GP 100 up to 4", LCR, LCP, LC9, LC9s & LC380, Ruger Mark 1& 2 up to 6" barrel
, SR9, SR9c and ***American**** (call for other models)

Sar Arms B6P Compact (EAA CZ Clone)

SeeCamp 32/380 pocket pistol

SIG Arms  224, 225, 230/232, 239, 228, 229& 229R, 220 & 220R (3.9" 220), 226 & 226R, 250C & SC, 238 & 938, 320C, 365, 365XL Most if not all 1911's regardless of size, model....rail or no rail! **320 X5 race gun**

Skyy cpx 9mm

Smith & Wesson J frame 1 7/8" - 2 1/8 ", K frames up to 4" with partial and full lug, 1908 38 s&w break top revolver,  M&P 9/40 Fullsize, Compact and 5" pro*** Shield 9/40 & 45 acp ***(with or without ctc laser) / S&W 3rd gen 39 and 69 series, BodyGuard 380 M&P and original versions (with and without laser)  All 1911's...just call for sizes.

​Sphinx swiss CZ clones, All older CZ clones and Sphinx SDP Compact

Springfield XD-E 9/40 with hammer, SC XD 9/40 SC (mod 1 & 2), 4" Service models, XDS 3.3" and 4", XDM fullsize and 3.8" , All std and 1/2 railed 1911,  EMP & EMP 4", **new Hellcat XD mold is here***

Steyr M9, M40 & M357 A1

STI/SVI Std single stack 1911 all sizes, Tac, Edge and Range Master with full rail up to 5" with square trigger guard. 

Taurus:  call for more information.

Tristar TC100 (all other cz clones)

Walther P99 1st gen, PPK, PPK/S and FEG clones, PPS 9/40 (mod 1& 2), PPQ (mod 1 & 2) 4" and most 5" & *** CCP***

Webley 38 caliber top break revolver up to 5" barrel 

Wilson Combat 1911's, Beretta Tactical Centurian 4.3", EDC x9 4" railed and standard