*** Proper care and feeding of your leather holster.  This is how to treat and maintain your holster! 

First off! Never put any polishes, oils, waxes, etc on your leather!  HBE holsters are made to work with the rigidity molded into the leather.  Anything you put on it can soften it and basically make it an expensive paper weight! 

If it gets dirty....wipe it down with a lightly damp towel and let it dry.  If it gets very dirty, use saddle soap and follow the instructions.

Let it dry for 24 hrs in front of a fan at room temp. 

They are made to give you decades of service just the way they are..........

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Pricing varies on your website slightly?

When you make custom holsters, pricing will vary with changes made in the details.

2) How much are your holsters usually?
Typical holsters are 129$ for starting prices for most basic OWB and IWB styles.

3) What is your current production time?

Lead times are approx (((( 2+ months ))) but please keep in mind that this can change often and in the middle of your order.  If you are in a hurry, you can expedite your order for a small fee.  Keep in mind, there are many variables that can effect when your holster ships. So be patient.

4) How do you ship your holsters?
I ship everything USPS Priority Mail with Del.

Comfirmation. Shipping/Handling charges are free on most HBE Products....*****I can also ship it any other way you want, but you will be charged for it.*****

5) Can I get a holster faster than the standard production time?
Yes.  I have an expedited production option.

6) Can I get a 2 tone finished holster?

Yes!!!  Either a darker exotic over a lighter holster or the more expensive way.  A lighter holster accent over a darker holster.....

7) Which is better Horse, Steer or Cowhide?

First off dont believe anything you read on the web about "which is better" :)  Each has its own benefits and drawbacks.  Horse is denser and  can be better for Humid areas, cowhide can dye and mold better than Horse.  Steer is right between the 2 and is used alot for this reason.

8) How do I order a Holster from you?  Since each holster is made to your specifications, I need to consult with every customer to get the details correct.  Please call me to order any pc of gunleather

9) Can I get a Custom Holster made in my own design?

I prefer to stick to my current designs and styles.  You do get to chose all of the design details that your chosen style allows for.

10) Do you give discounts to anyone?

Yes I do!  Regular repeat clients, Fire/EMT's,  Military,  Law Enforcement, Theologians and Educators! The discount depends on the person and situation.

13) What is your refund policy?

I dont have one.  Since each holster is made just for you, I will do everything I can to make it exceed your expectations..

14) What products or brands do you use?

I use Wickett and Craig, Herman Oak and Zack White Leather, Angelus/Fiebings dye, JRM  spring clips, Pull the dot Fasteners etc.......

15) What kind of snaps do you use? 

I use Scoville Pull the dots/One way fasteners.

They are a mechanically locking snap.  They will not come unsnapped until you undo them.

(For questions on how these function, just call me anytime.)

16) What kind of Steel Spring Clips do you use?  I use JRM Clips for regular applications.  They have a little spur cut into them that anchors them on your pants very securely.

**These clips can be hard on Leather Car seats, please be careful..see below***

(Ulticlips are no longer available except on special request.  The clip is to thick to really hide under a belt as previously stated and gets caught on clothing in panic draw situations.)

17) How do I break a holster in?  Warning!! Don't put your gun in the holster without breaking it in first!!!!  You wont get it back out!  Breakin:  Wrap your gun in Waxed Paper 3-4 times, wax side out and force it into the holster as far as it will go.  Now let it set for 3-4 hrs.  After this your holster is ready to use. (These instructions are also on the back of my business card that you recieved with your holster) 

18) Do different types of leather take dye differently?  Yes, Cowhide is less dense than Steer/Horse, so it takes dye more evenly.  Steer hide can take dye and look marbled due to the denser material, not taking dye as evenly.  This can be a very neat/unique effect and gives your holster a different look.

19) Do you make a combo gun/mag holster?

Nope....If your gun and mags are on the same side.  When you need extra ammo, and your strong hand is full of gun.....how do you get your extra mag?  ALWAYS!!!!  Keep your mags on your weak side where you have a free hand.

20)  I'm local, can I come talk to you in person?

Absolutely!  Ido offer private consultations.  These are by Appointment Only.  Please call anytime to see when I have time available.

21) Can your steel spring clips cut my leather seating?  Yes!  Any pc of steel that has an edge can scratch/cut your leather seating.  You just be aware of that fact if your holster has steel spring clips.  They are sharp!

If you are careful when sitting down, you shouldn't have a problem.  If you have an old CDL spring clip....I can replace it with a newer JRM clip that is not as sharp.

Replacement clips are 10$ per pair including return shipping to you.  Some cannot be replaced so be careful, keeping that in mind.

22) Do you offer Thumb breaks? Yes I do.

For those who must have them, they are offered on certain designs and are 29$ extra

23) Do you sub any of your work out?  Absolutely not!  I am a 1 man shop and do everything myself.  From thinking of a new pattern to waiting in line at the post office in Decemeber! :)  You are more than welcome to come by, just call first...I also have a dozen videos on YouTube showing how a lot of the process's are done.  YouTube search "Eric Larsen Holster"

24)  Do you make SOB/small of back holsters?  Yes  I make a pancake style SOB holster that is a RIGHT HANDED design.  Its a grip up carry holster that during presentation, forces the muzzle of the gun away from the body.  The cant of any SOB holster can be varied to match you preference and style.

25) Do you make a holster for a TLR light?

No i dont.  These light/laser combos open up the mouth of the holster, so you can get to the trigger while the gun is in the holster!  They are a safety concern to me.  I choose to not make them.   

Terminology used in Gun Leather

Cant:  This is the angle/tilt of the gun while inside of the holster.  The cant/angle of the gun, will vary greatly depending on the holster style, size of the gun and most importantly, where you carry your gun.  A gun carried at 2;00 will need a different cant than a gun carried at 4;30.

Body Shield:  The pc of leather on the back panel,  that comes up between you and the gun.  Its there for your comfort and protection.

Ride Height:  How high or low the gun/holster  rides in relation to the belt.

Low:  the top of the trigger guard is even with the top of the belt.

Med: the middle of the trigger guard is even with the top of the belt.

High:  the bottom of the trigger guard is even with the top of the belt. 

It you go too high or too low, you can run into other problems.

Banded Mouth/Reinforced Mouth:

This is extra leather added to the mouth/opening of the holster to make it physically stronger.  This can make it easier to re-holster your gun

Purchase: When you purchase the weapon, you are getting a combat grip on it.

Presentation: This is the entire draw sequence from getting a purchase/grip on the weapon until you have the target in your sights.

Clock System:  This is a standard reference to allow anyone to explain where they carry their gun on their body. "I carry at 4:00"

Your direct front is 12:00, direct rear is 6:00, very right side is 3:00 and left is 9:00.

4:30 is over your right rear pocket, etc....

Strong side:  If you are right handed, that is your strong side.  Weak side is the opposite.


SOB:  Small of back.  This is a common term used for carrying a gun at 6.00 or right over the spine.  This looks cool in the movies but is rarely a great choice for a carry location. 

HBE Specialty Leather Works - Custom Leather Gun Holsters

FAQ, Leather Details and Terminology Page

Innerweb Rumor Information.....True and False!!!

1) Horse hide is always better and way more expensive than cowhide!  Lol....this was started by the original HH holster makers and their gun writer friends, to promote their business. DO NOT PAY MORE FOR A HH HOLSTER!!! Horsehide is cheaper to buy than Cowhide but can be harder to work with.

Each material has its benefits.....  FALSE!!!!!!!  

2)  I need to buy new pants/clothes if I want to carry a gun IWB!  My pants have to be 2" bigger!

I love this one....I wear the same pants with or without my gun. If you wear tight pants, go 1" bigger in the waist for an average gun.  Totally false!!!!

3) I need a steel reinforced mouth band in my holster to be safe!!  I love this one...a steel reinforced holster, if done incorrectly, can lock you gun in place.  Its absolutely not necessary!  A stronger mouth can be of benefit but is NOT always the best choice especially with a steel reinforcement.  False!

4) Thicker is always better...just look at the higher end holster I just bought!  Um...again no!  Some makers were taught to use heavy leather.  At times that's needed, but usually not.  I use the thinnest material I can use without losing function over the life of the holster. This makes it more comfortable, prints less and puts less pressure on you as you carry.   False!!!

5)Carrying a gun is comforting, not comfortable!  I'd like to hug the guy that started this one.  False!   I can make carrying almost any gun comfy for 90% of you out there.

6) I need a Thumb break if I carry a Single Action semi/auto cond 1/cocked and locked!

So not true.  Those new to carrying a weapon cond 1 are usually a little scared of that hammer being cocked.

1911's and other single action guns are designed to be carried that way and are completely safe!  If you want a holster with a break, do your other holsters have them as well?  Carry the same way for consistency...your life may depend on it. 

7) Adjustable holsters are better because I can make them "perfect for me".  False...adjustable holsters are good for finding the right cant/rd ht for you in the beginning.  Once you find that...you never change it.  Plus you may have it adjusted wrong for your build/carry position and don't even know it.  The more things a holster does...the more that can go wrong with it.  They are also typically a weaker design than a non adjustable design.

8) Using a Lefty holster for a Righty SOB holster?  I get this one all of the time! Innerweb weekend quarterback time here folks! 

Nope!  It puts the grip down, over the belt and as you draw the gun...you point or sweep the gun at your body. BAD IN EVERY WAY!!!!  A RH SOB holster has the grip up and as you draw, it pulls the muzzle away from the body!  Much better for concealment, safety and proper presentation....I will not make a LH holster for RH SOB carry.  I don't know a maker who will!

9) Steel spring clips come out of your pants when you draw your gun!

Well this one has some truth to it.. There are spring clips that rely on a belt shelf/edge to catch a thick gun belt for retention.  If you have a weak/older spring clip and your belt isn't thick or you don't wear a belt. If that's the case, then yes your holster will come out at just the wrong time!!!

Will this happen with your clips?  Nope.. not a chance in hell!  I use JRM clips and they have a spur cut into them so they will grab your pants and belt and never let lose.  Ive carried one gun for over 6 years, mostly with no belt and it has never failed me.  If you use the right products for your situation, they won't let you down.

Send me your questions that you've read about on the web and lets see if they are true or false.......

To Order a Holster/Gun leather:

Orders are taken over the phone.  I need to spend 15-30 minutes on the phone with you, to get the needed details for your gun leather.  I apologize for any inconvenience but that's how

I do things. If you know what you want and have carried a gun before, its usually quick.  If you are new, please give yourself sometime for the phone call.  

****Email and texting is great for a quick question.****  Please call if you have more than a couple of questions or want to order..........****

Holster/Gun leather detail options:

Material choices: Horse, Steer or Cowhide

Hide options: Smooth out or Rough out.

Cant or Angle of the gun

Ride Height of the carried gun

Color of Dye

Exotic hide: Accent/Trim pc or Entire holster

Body shield/no body shield

Finish options: Distressed finish/std finish