Com Series IWB Holsters

Com 3 in Shark Hide with Shark Mag Holster

           Com 4's.                          Com 4                              Com 3                              Com 3                              Com 3

DC Special w/shark                    DC Special                             DC4                  DC Special distressed

Comfort Series IWB Leather Gun Holsters

Do you know how to break your holster in? Read #17 on the FAQ page..

The Comfort Series IWB Holsters.  There are 4 holsters in the Comfort series. 

The Com 3  This is a std. V" shaped IWB holster.  It has dual offset snap loops.  This offers very thin carry and supreme stability. 

The Com 4  This is a Com 3 that has added leather to strengthen the mouth of the holster but still retains its flexibility.

The DC Special.  The DC and Com are the same holster but the DC has 2 steel spring clips for convenience. 

The DC4 which is a DC Special with extra leather for a stronger mouth.


The Comfort series are especially good for larger guns and offer supreme comfort, concealment and access to your gun.  They also work well for smaller guns and especially revolvers.  Revolvers are hard to carry comfortably IWB and this series is one of the better designs for doing so.  This series is referred to as an "offset loop" design.

Any holster can have an exotic front or rear panel accent added.  There is very little improvement in strength, but it can add to the protection level and give it a much different look.  On Pancake holsters, Shark or Elephant will add to the abrasion resistance of the holster and increase its overall strength.

Please read the FAQ page about using steel spring clips.  They can be sharp, act accordingly.