Askins Avenger Holsters for Sale

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Leather Pancake Gun Holsters for Sale

Pancake & Askins Avenger Holsters

Any holster can have an exotic front or rear panel accent added.  There is very little improvement in strength, but it can add to the protection level and give it a much different look.  On Pancake holsters, Shark or Elephant will add to the abrasion resistance of the holster and increase its overall strength.  Also Shark/Elephant will increase the life of a Pancake holster, if you are one who is very hard on for thought! :)

Do you know how to break in your holster?  Read #17 on the FAQ page.

Askins Avenger Holsters.

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Pancake Holsters

Askins Avenger Holsters are one of the staples of any OWB holster collection.  They can be concealed under the right cover garment and are usually the first choice of many Law Enforcement Officers.  They are also excellent competition/range holsters.  They are a classic design and

just work!  If you are looking for a Concealment only holster, then a pancake holster may be a better choice for you.  But if you carry under a coat and use it for range use as just found your holster.

Classic Pancake Holsters are usually the best Concealment Holster you can have for an OWB holster.  They hold the gun close enough to the body that a t shirt will cover them quite easily, even if you carry a Fullsize 1911. They are one of the most versatile holsters made.  They will hide almost any size of gun and just work!  These are mostly worn on the strong side of the body, anywhere from 2:00 to 5:00 depending on your preference.

They can do double duty as a CCW / Range Holster as well .  If you compete in IPSC/IDPA they are excellent as well.  In some classes you compete with your CCW leather and pancakes are an excellent choice.

Snap loop Pancakes are a great option for those who want to carry OWB and have the convenience of a snap loop for ease of attaching the holster without taking off the belt.  These hold the gun close to the body but not quite as close as a Classic Pancake.

Thumb breaks are available when you ABSOLUTELY have to have one.  They are 29$ extra per holster.