2 Point Pocket holsters work on the principle that the 2 points are wider than your pocket opening.  So you put it in and it can't come out.  Most pocket holsters rely on you "hooking" the holster inside the pocket, to keep it in place during the presentation. The 2 Point design takes that out of the equation.  I have one size for jeans and one for dockers.  They are great for small S/Autos and snubbies.  I have made custom combo mag/light holsters for larger pockets.  Most are switchable from one pocket to the other in case you primary and back up carry with the same gun. Pocket Mag holsters are used with some tuckable holsters as well.  That way everything remains hidden.

2 Point Pocket Holster Custom .

           2 Point                 938 w/covered safeties            Same  938                  Custom 2 Point                         2 Point

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