Pro IWB Gun Holsters for Sale

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Std Pro front and back view

            OS Pro                          Pro Slim                           Pro Slims

Please read the FAQ page about steel spring clips.  They are sharp, act accordingly. 

Pics of the Pro IWB series of holsters

JRM Spring Clips are used for all of my IWB clips.

Pro Slims "Semi-

Banded Mouth.

Pro IWB Holsters are a "Stacked Loop" IWB design.  I offer 5 styles in the Pro series.

The Vampire Pro (new)  Is a Revolver IWB holster.  It has a real pull through snap design like the original Seventrees design. 

This works for strong side/appedix carry/cross draw carry.  It's a very very cool design.  Sorry S/auto guys.....its only for wheel guns.

The std Pro. It has a single spring clip and a banded mouth.  Its very strong design that also offers very convenient carry.

The Pro Slim.  The thinnest Pro IWB.  Perfect for your Glock 43, small 1911, Keltec PF9, M&P Shield keeps thin guns thin!

I can add a "semi banded mouth" on the Pro Slim.  It adds strength to the mouth without any added bulk.  Look below for pics.

The Pro with snap loops.  This is my version of a "Summer Special" style holster. 

The OS Pro. This Pro has the snap loops spread out, away from the gun.  This is for a thinner holster and more stability over the older design.  This design is very good for strong side carry between 3;00 and 5;00.

**********************************Here's the newest Pro IWB design.  The Vampire Pro.  Influenced by Seventrees Vampire holster. 

Its a true pull through snap design staying true to the original S-trees design..


Leather Pro IWB Gun Holsters for Sale

Do you know how to break in your holster? Read #17 on the FAQ page.

Pro IWB Holsters

JRM spring clips are made in New Jersey and is a small family owned business.  Great products and great people.  I trust their products with my life....literally!  The design of clip I use has a spur cut into the clip that grabs your pants/belt  They will not let go, until you take your holster off.  Don't let the people who have bad experiences with crappy spring clips convince you that they are all the same.  That is anything but true......

Trust JRM spring clips to keep your holster in place until you take it off.  Everytime.............

Pro IWB Gun Holsters for Sale

The Pro Slim is just that "slim".  The semi banded mouth adds strength to the mouth of the holster without adding a full band and increasing the thickness.  The band ends before it hits the body of the gun/holster.  Keeping with the "slim" design......