Tuckable/IWB Holsters.

GS Tuckable with Shark trim.

     Pro TL/IWB Mag              DC Tuckable               GS Tuckable               Pro TL Snubby             GS Tuckable

Ulticlips are only available on special request!  They are not designed as well as I'd like them to be.

Tuckable IWB Gun Holsters for Sale

           Pro TL                     DC Tuckable                 Pro TL + Mag               GS Tuckable                DC Tuckable

Do you know how to break in your holster? Read #17 on the FAQ page.

Tuckable/IWB Holsters are a deep concealment holster.  They allow you to tuck your shirt into your pants, while carrying an IWB style holster.  A typical  IWB style holster requires an untucked shirt/cover garment to hide the gun.  I make 3 styles of Tuckable/IWB Holster.

The GS Tuckable is an original HBE design.  Its a great holster for long term carry, when tucking your weapon in, must be an option.  The two wings on the bottom stabilize the holster and provide greater comfort to the wearer.  Its great for larger and heavier firearms.

The DC Tuckable is part of the Com series and has 2 steel spring clips.  Its very good for larger firearms as well.  It's a very stable design. 

If you are a thinner body type...this is the holster for you for guys.  The holster molds itself to you and keeps the gun close to you.

The Pro TL is designed to keep thin guns thin, with the offset clip.  It can have a banded mouth as well. This is the one for smaller/thinner guns and a MUST HAVE for smaller revolvers!!!

Each has different strengths.  The GS is very stable and a heavily built holster.  The DC is thin and stable.  The Pro TL is for those who have a smaller weapon and want a single spring clip.